GleeFull Supplements

Revitalizing a Facebook Group with Engaging Content and Community Management

How GleeFull Supplements’ Facebook Group saw a surge in activity and engagement


GleeFull Supplements approached us with a common problem: their Facebook Group lacked activity and engagement. Members were not posting or engaging, and the group was virtually silent. They needed someone to create compelling content and engage with members to bring their group back to life.


Our team set out to create a detailed content plan that would engage members and revitalize the activity and vibe of the group. We identified a two-week walking challenge that would resonate with the members and help to build community spirit. We also created custom graphics and other engaging content to get members excited about participating.


Our team worked hard to manage the group, engaging directly with members to formĀ  relationships and connections. We created and posted daily content to spark discussions, answer questions, and encourage members to share their own stories and experiences. We also monitored the group closely to ensure that discussions were respectful and on-topic.


In just 28 days, the results were staggering. Posts in the group were up by 850%, comments increased by 471%, and reactions skyrocketed by 815%. The walking challenge was a huge success, with dozens of members participating and sharing their experiences.


GleeFull Supplements’ Facebook Group is now a vibrant, active community that continues to grow and thrive. Our content creation and engagement services helped to revitalize the group and create a space where members feel connected and supported.