Monstera Plant Resource Center

Monetization Services for Monstera Plant Resource Center Facebook Group


Monstera Plant Resource Center is a popular Facebook Group dedicated to plant lovers, with a focus on the Monstera plant. With over 200,000 members in just three years, the group presents a unique opportunity for monetization and brand awareness.


While the group had grown rapidly, Monstera Plant Resource Center needed help with monetization strategies to increase sales and brand recognition. They were also looking for ways to use the community for product feedback and testing.


Through our monetization services, we developed a funnel strategy that increased views and clicks to the brand’s products, resulting in increased sales. We also offered a special coupon to new members upon joining the group, which not only boosted sales but also increased brand awareness. Additionally, we leveraged the group as a focus group for product feedback and beta testing.


Our services helped Monstera Plant Resource Center to maximize the potential of their Facebook Group. With our funnel strategy and engagement efforts, the group saw a significant increase in views, clicks, and sales. In addition, the group provided valuable product feedback and beta testing, without the need for expensive third-party research.


Our monetization services provided Monstera Plant Resource Center with the tools they needed to increase sales, improve brand awareness, and gather valuable product feedback. By leveraging the power of their Facebook Group, they were able to accomplish their goals without expensive external resources.