Moriondo Coffee

Moriondo Coffee Community Case Study


Moriondo Coffee came to us seeking the benefits of starting a Facebook Group for their business. As a company specializing in coffee makers used in office and workplace settings, they wanted to create a  unique experience for their users.


Moriondo Coffee lacked an organized way to connect with their customers and receive feedback on their products. They also needed to grow their email subscriber list for future marketing efforts.


We created a Facebook Community from scratch, including a cover image, description, membership questions, and welcome message that provided a clear understanding of the group’s purpose. We developed a 7-day content plan that included low effort engagement posts and encouraged member feedback about their coffee makers. The community also served as a way to collect valuable email addresses from members, growing Moriondo Coffee’s subscriber list.


Moriondo Coffee was pleased with the Facebook Group setup process and the results achieved. In just a few weeks, the community had already gathered a significant number of engaged members. The community also provided a valuable source of feedback and allowed Moriondo to collect email addresses from members for future marketing efforts.


The Facebook Community we created for Moriondo Coffee allowed them to connect with their customers and gather valuable feedback about their products. It also served as a way to grow their email subscriber list for future marketing efforts. By creating a unique experience for their customers, Moriondo Coffee was able to increase engagement and satisfaction, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.